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Baccalaureate Programme

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The purpose of the baccalaureate diploma is twofold: it provides solid scientific and humanistic education that guarantees students the opportunity of a permanent education and an independent life while building a good foundation in order to complete their chosen higher education studies successfully.

The world of university education has changed considerably in recent years. A new format involving small groups, seminar work, and open dialogue between students and teachers within a community context requires students to have a new attitude to higher education and university life.

The baccalaureate programme at Escola Sant Gregori has always been sensitive to the changing realities of higher education and offers its students the opportunity to have an authentic preuniversity experience by encouraging study groups and providing a top-level academic and intellectual relationship between students and teachers. In this way, students are able to deepen their knowledge of the subjects studied while satisfying their intellectual curiosity and improving their work habits for higher education. In this sense, the dimensions of our centre are very suitable for enabling and encouraging this community within the study programme.

We aim to enable our students to acquire a series of work habits that reflect an adult level of intelligence: discipline and order in study, scientific work methods, autonomy and rigor in intellectual work, an inquisitive spirit and a proactive attitude toward their own education.

Upon completion of the baccalaureate diploma, students must select the type of higher education they wish to pursue. To help students make responsible and well-chosen decisions, we offer personalized counselling given by experts in higher education.

Escola Sant Gregori offers two types of baccalaureate diploma: the Baccalaureate in Social Sciences and Humanities, and the Baccalaureate in Science and Technology, both with a multitude of avenues.





Cristina Castillo

Usoa Sol

Cristina Bonastre


Cristina Bonastre

Vanessa Sala

Usoa Sol

Anglès del CAE Preparation

Usoa Sol

Biologia Violeta Saló
Biologia Begoña Vendrell

Glòria Farell


Pablo Sandoval

Català Abel Ramon

Alessandra Marcia

    Ciències de la Terra i del Medi Ambient Begoña Vendrell
Ciències de la Terra i del Medi Ambient Josep Serrarols
Economia de l'empresa Víctor Cervera
Dibuix tècnic Toni Calvet

Ignasi Lasheras (A)

Xavier Ibáñez (B)

Economia Ignasi Lasheras Dibuix tècnic Toni Calvet
Economia de l'empresa Víctor Cervera Física Francesc Blasi
Educació física Javier Rebollo
Francès Elisenda Amado
Filosofia Pablo Sandoval (A)
Geografia Ignasi Lasheras
  Igansi Lasheras (B)
Grec Eva Roquet
Física Èric Seró
Història de l'art Oriol Brugarolas
Francès Elisenda Amado
Història de Catalunya i Espanya Ferran Casanova
Història contemporània Ferran Casanova
Literatura castellana Abel Ramon
Literatura universal Xavier Ibáñez
Literatura catalana Glòria Farell
Llatí Eva Roquet
Llatí Eva Roquet


Matemàtiques Ciències Socials

David Virgili

Víctor Cervera

Matemàtiques David Virgili
Dibuix artístic Dolors Valls
Matemàtiques Ciències Socials Víctor Cervera
Química Duniel Pío Química Duniel Pío
Tecnologia Industrial Francesc Blasi
Tecnologia Industrial Èric Seró
A Pablo Sandoval Viernes de 8.00h a 9.00h Viernes de 10.00h a 11.00 h
B David Virgili Jueves de 13.30h a 14.30h Lunes de 12.30h a 13.30h
A Víctor Cervera Lunes de 13.30h a 14.30 h Lunes de 10.00h a 11.00 h
B Duniel Pío Jueves de 8.00 a 9.00 h Jueves de 9.00 a 10.00 h

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